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About Us

What Makes the 7Minute Entrepreneur the Source for Control in your Life.

Your Personal Brand Equity is at stake. Your missing out on chances to increase your personal value that furthers your success streak and your wealth.

So join me, Joe Cassandra, it’s my job as a Personal Brand Equity Strategist to help you discover how to take control of your life with the mindset of an Entrepreneur.

Joe Cassandra

We’re going to be taking a trip together through the minds, thoughts and words of the most successful careers and entrepreneurs out there.

A problem I’ve realized since graduating from college, is that I learned nothing about personal finance, finding a job, negotiation, starting a business etc. etc.


You learn Why but you don’t learn HOW (which is much more important!)

Our job is to show you HOW to tackle life like an entrepreneur would. Building your assets, taking control of your life, especially where education failed. So you are going to do MORE LEARNING!

You’re now thinking again, “What? I did all this learning crap in school and it was boring, bye!”

Hold it cowboy (or girl)! What’s different about what we’ll experience is we’re going to just pull out the meat, the core of what we need to learn.

Each blog post or video post will delve into strategies you can implement right away! Keepin’ it simple!

Each episode of the 7ESHOW, we will tackle a main point of the book, a quick peek that will immediately help you in your career and business. It’s simple, but it’s what’s lost in today’s society. We stop learning! Why?

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Great question. It takes effort, it takes time…and in this economy, 1000’s upon 1000’s of dollars.

Actually, that’s what everyone tells you, “you need a degree to succeed there etc.”

It’s all garbage.

You can learn how to succeed whether you’re an entry-level employee, or a bootstrapping entrepreneur, and it can be achieved by learning from others!

Yes, take the mistakes,advice, and thoughts from those who made it: the millionaires, the worker who gave it his all to move up the corporate ladder, the 4-hour work week guy. They give their secrets away in books, posts, etc. in how you can be successful, but taking the time to do it can be overwhelming.

That’s what we want to achieve. Give you a slice of the pie in quick podcasts and blogs.

We won’t give all of them away, you will have to read some for yourself (you’re not getting off that easy!); however, the posts will let you decide which author, mastermind, expert peaks your interest the most to pick up their story and lesson.

So come and take this trip with us. If what you’re doing at work or in your business is not working, this place could open your mind to where success could lie for you! Subscribe below to get VIP access to info only VIP members get. Check it out for yourself!

“Always be learning, Always be in beta.”

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