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How do I make money?

This is a site for you. To learn and succeed, and I’m on the same path as you seeking the same thing. I am all for being open and honest so I wanted to put out a disclaimer on the benefits of this site and how I make money off this site.


  • I am an affiliate for all books that I promote to you. I have read all of them that I advertise and will only promote books that I gleaned useful advice as well as sparked my interest.
  • Carefully placed advertisements. This is not a site that will get overwhelmed with ads, I promise that. Site’s I’ve seen overrun with ads are unhelpful, not to mention, ugly.
  • Products that I use, besides books, I may be an affiliate marketer to promote it. I will always disclose if a product I promote will make myself any money on purchase.
  • In the future, I hope to develop my own products to sell. Once I get comfortable with the site, and with your help, I will begin development on a product that will help you on your career path.
  • Thank you for coming and taking this journey…a journey to always be learning so we can always be succeeding!

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